Who Are You Dreaming With?

It’s Monday and I’m doing my weekly strategic planning. This starts with me writing down 10 goals that, if accomplished in the next 12 months, would be beyond amazing. But there’s been something missing lately from my goal setting.

Since most of my goals are for the benefit of the people I love and care about, I like to share that goal with them in the form of a promise. For example, I’m not just trying to pay off all of my debt for the fun of it. I’m paying off debt so I can do a better job of saving for my child’s education.

So to make this goal more real and to help me hold myself accountable, I’m making a promise to my son that I will be debt-free within 12 months. I’m also telling him the specific steps I’ll be taking, and why this is important to me.

It can be tough to share your goals with people because of the fear of failure. But I find that when I share my goals with the people who matter, they tend to support and encourage me along the way. That support and accountability helps carry me through when the going gets tough.

So this is my challenge to you: write a note to the person most involved in your goal explaining why you want to achieve the goal and what you’re going to do to succeed. While you’re at it, why not tell them the things they can do to help keep you on track? You’ll soon see that your goals are much easier to achieve when you have the people you love cheering you on.