Bringing My Content Home

I’m consolidating my web content here because of some powerful remarks by Tantek Çelik on Jeffrey Zeldman’s Big Web Show podcast. Tantek spoke convincingly about the importance of owning our own data.

Since that podcast aired we have gone through the debacle of Instagram’s changes to their terms of service (among others). It really got me thinking about how much of my own content I’m giving to social networks for free — content to which I can’t guarantee access, much less ownership. I don’t particularly care whether Facebook claims ownership of my latest check-in about how much I love the music at Jimmy John’s. But it’s not cool for them to monkey around with the user experience, leadership or personal growth content that is the product of years of hard work.

I hate the way my flirtation with all these different social networks and publishing platforms has diluted my online presence from being something I built to being something they own. My old blog engendered a small, organic community (albeit one devoted to sophomoric humor) that made blogging a sincere pleasure. Cross-posting between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and such has made a mess of my content over last several years.

So over the next few months I’ll be working to consolidate all my content from across the web while also producing fresh, quality content. I hope to see you around. Leave me a comment to introduce yourself.