AutoRip: Amazon Unveils New Service Design Badassery

Amazon just announced their new AutoRip service which will automatically load the MP3 version of an album to your cloud storage whenever you buy a physical CD from them.

Buy and AutoRip CD, instantly get the MP3 version for FREE.

I once knew a music lover who ripped his entire library to his iPod, but would sit in his living room looking at the CD case while listening because the album art and liner notes were part of the experience.┬áIn theory, I’d much rather have the physical media when I buy music. But ripping and syncing to devices has proven a big enough pain that I now typically just buy MP3s, especially when it’s a bit cheaper.

I’m curious to see whether this innovation increases sales of CDs relative to MP3-only purchases. But either way, good job Amazon for identifying a clunky part of the music consumption chain and finding a way to improve it.