Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push Challenge – Day 1

Chalene Johnson talks a lot about priorities in day one of of the 30 Day Push Challenge. Priorities aren’t something I normally think much about as part of my existing productivity system, of which I am rather proud. To determine priorities, I somewhat arbitrarily assign projects a score of 1-3 for importance and urgency. While this helps me identify and fight against the tyranny of the urgent, it doesn’t seem like a very strategic approach to setting priorities. I’m hoping Chalene’s approach is more goal-oriented.

The homework assignment is to think about my values and priorities. She also asked me to consider what I am passionate about and what I want people to remember me for. I’ve long recognized that while my top values are my faith and my family, those are the things I spend the least of my efforts on. If I really value them most, why don’t they get more of my energy?
Hearing the question of what I’m passionate about at the same time reveals the same issue. I’m truly passionate about acting and public speaking, two things I don’t do at all. I’m not even trying to do them.
So if I’m not doing the things I love to benefit what I care most about, what exactly an I doing?
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