HBR: The Multitasking Paradox

HBR: The Multitasking Paradox

By romanbercotLeadership, Strategy

http://hbr.org/2013/03/the-multitasking-paradox/ar/1 I’ve long been a fan of mono-tasking. This interactive infographic on HBR illustrates how damaging multitasking (or frequent task switching) can be to your productivity.

Bringing My Content Home

By romanbercotPersonal, Strategy

I’m consolidating my web content here because of some powerful remarks by Tantek Çelik on Jeffrey Zeldman’s Big Web Show podcast. Tantek spoke convincingly about the importance of owning our own data.

Use IFTTT to Save Your Back

By romanbercotInnovation, Personal

This morning I was feeling good about myself for getting to work early and being ready to tackle the day. Then I realized that I forgot my computer at home. When I stopped to tell a coworker that I was heading back to get it, she told me that she just leaves her computer at … Read More