Dave Gray, Liminal Thinking

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“Most boundaries are convenient fictions. What divides the people who are “on” a team from those who are not? What separates one company department or division from another, or an employee from a customer? Boundaries give life structure, which makes us comfortable. But they can also be shifted, rethought, reframed, and reorganized.” Excerpt From: Gray, … Read More

It’s Worse Than I Realized

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Last week I reported that Evernote had removed its key competitive feature from free users. What I didn’t recognize at the time were the market conditions forcing Evernote to raises prices. The combined “valuation” of total US unicorns is $486 billion. Their combined profit? $0. Unicorns Dropping Like Flies: First Dropbox; Then Square; Now Fidelity … Read More

Tell Me Your Story

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Paul Gates taught a powerful message at Coast Hills Community Church this weekend. I recommend the whole video, but I particularly liked his advice to get people to tell you their story. It’s so much more powerful than the normal small talk we make with people. http://www.coasthillschurch.org/602286.ihtml?id=602286&series=232&teaching=806&media=video

The Failure of the Segway

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Critics jumped on the dorky aspect and the high price, but those weren’t the dooming factors. Early adopters often put up with cost and ridicule for innovations that meet real needs. But no one needs a Segway. Erika Hall, Just Enough Research Thought this was a great point, especially on this, the eve of the … Read More

Climbing Mountains and Wells

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The mountain peak is so seductive, so sexy — it’s where you want to end up, so you focus on what it will take to scale the verticals.  But as it turns out, it’s the long walk to the base of the mountain that’s the hardest part.  It’s about perseverance more than strength. Diego Rodriguez, Climbing … Read More