Who Are You Dreaming With?

By romanbercotLeadership, Personal

It’s Monday and I’m doing my weekly strategic planning. This starts with me writing down 10 goals that, if accomplished in the next 12 months, would be beyond amazing. But there’s been something missing lately from my goal setting. Since most of my goals are for the benefit of the people I love and care … Read More

Decide to Commit

By romanbercotLeadership

Listened to this amazing episode of the Accidental Creative Podcast this morning about a toxic ingredient that’s been sapping energy from a project I’m working on. Accidental Creative Podcast: Commit to Decisions Todd talks about how we tend to want to revisit decisions over and over, which keeps us from making any real progress.. Have … Read More

IxDA Cincy Presentation

By romanbercotDesign, Leadership, UX

I had a blast presenting my talk UX Leadership Lessons: The Hard Way to IxDA Cincinnati last night at Fusion Alliance. I really appreciate Cris Cravens inviting me to present, and Fusion Alliance for hosting the event and feeding us. I know some of the points from my presentation went out on Twitter, but here … Read More

3 Ps of Resilience

By romanbercotDesign, Leadership, UX

My Prefrontal Monday is off to a buzzing start thanks to this stunning episode of the HBR Ideacast – Why We’re All in Sales. Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human, talks about how sales has an image problem and reframes sales as a fundamentally human activity. I particularly benefited from Pink’s discussion of Martin … Read More

HBR: The Multitasking Paradox

By romanbercotLeadership, Strategy

http://hbr.org/2013/03/the-multitasking-paradox/ar/1 I’ve long been a fan of mono-tasking. This interactive infographic on HBR illustrates how damaging multitasking (or frequent task switching) can be to your productivity.