Jump In

By romanbercotUX

User testing can be a lot like a cold pool on a hot day. You can agonize about getting in – making excuses and putting it off for fear of the bracing cold. But once you get into it, it’s so refreshing.

The Rise of UX Leadership

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The Rise of UX Leadership The opposite problem for some executives is that they can be too close to customers… They get so much feedback from their sales teams that it leads to feature creep — adding features to satisfy every customer. Along the way, any semblance of a coherent user experience is lost. The … Read More

SoCal UX Camp

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I had a great time Saturday at the SoCal UX Camp. I really enjoyed the sessions had a great time presenting my UX Leadership talk. Thanks very much to David Nguyen and the team for organizing. It was an impressively well-run event. If you couldn’t make it, you can check out my slides below. The Hard … Read More

IxDA Cincy Presentation

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I had a blast presenting my talk UX Leadership Lessons: The Hard Way to IxDA Cincinnati last night at Fusion Alliance. I really appreciate Cris Cravens inviting me to present, and Fusion Alliance for hosting the event and feeding us. I know some of the points from my presentation went out on Twitter, but here … Read More

Design Is Not Art

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Design is not art, since art exists as an answer to a question posed by an individual artist while design exists as an answer to a question posed by the marketplace. Design must have an audience to come into being … Design needs an economy to exist, while art does not.

3 Ps of Resilience

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My Prefrontal Monday is off to a buzzing start thanks to this stunning episode of the HBR Ideacast – Why We’re All in Sales. Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human, talks about how sales has an image problem and reframes sales as a fundamentally human activity. I particularly benefited from Pink’s discussion of Martin … Read More