IxDA Cincy Presentation

I had a blast presenting my talk UX Leadership Lessons: The Hard Way to IxDA Cincinnati last night at Fusion Alliance. I really appreciate Cris Cravens inviting me to present, and Fusion Alliance for hosting the event and feeding us.

I know some of the points from my presentation went out on Twitter, but here are the slides for easy reference.


IxDA Cincinnati is a good group of people, and I enjoyed meeting everyone. If you have any suggestions for my talk, please leave a comment. And if you know of a group that could benefit from my presentation, please contact me for availability.

3 Ps of Resilience

My Prefrontal Monday is off to a buzzing start thanks to this stunning episode of the HBR Ideacast – Why We’re All in Sales. Daniel Pink, author of To Sell Is Human, talks about how sales has an image problem and reframes sales as a fundamentally human activity.

I particularly benefited from Pink’s discussion of Martin Seligman’s research on resilience and will be reminding myself:

  • It’s not personal
  • It’s not pervasive
  • It’s not permanent

Have a listen and let me know what jumps out at you.

Time to Charge the Fuel Band

My Nike Fuel Band telling me to charge the battery after 21 days on a single charge.I got my Nike+ Fuel Band for Christmas and charged it that day. Today is the first time I have had to recharge it. There is a lot to love about this thing, but a battery that lasts 21 days has to be in the top 3.