Bold Predictions for UX in 2019

As a design strategist, I sometimes feel like people expect me to predict the future. While that’s not really a core part of what I do, I decided to give it a go with nine predictions about the state of User Experience in 2019.

  1. Designers don’t know what we should call ourselves.
  2. Designers who know how to code will insist that designers should code.
  3. Designers who don’t code will roll their eyes.
  4. User Stories will specify the solution, rather than the problem.
  5. Agile releases will have scope and release date defined prior to planning.
  6. Designers will rant about diversity and inclusion on Twitter without testing accessibility on their products.
  7. Flat design will be slightly less flat.
  8. Design tools will work together seamlessly, except for every time Sketch updates.
  9. Design tools will enable much richer interactions which will still feel awkward and foreign.

What are your predictions for the year ahead?

Jump In

User testing can be a lot like a cold pool on a hot day. You can agonize about getting in – making excuses and putting it off for fear of the bracing cold. But once you get into it, it’s so refreshing.

The Rise of UX Leadership

The Rise of UX Leadership

The opposite problem for some executives is that they can be too close to customers… They get so much feedback from their sales teams that it leads to feature creep — adding features to satisfy every customer. Along the way, any semblance of a coherent user experience is lost. The result: a highly-reactive product development culture in which extra features are continuously bolted on, making the company vulnerable to more pro-active competitors who have a laser-like focus on UX, which can be a potent disruptor in many industries.

Designing with Anti-Patterns

Here’s a quick thought experiment to try out at your next design studio: Design a product made to bore, aggravate or offend your customers.

Now compare these anti-designs to your actual offering. How similar are they to each other?