Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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Came across this gem in Dave Gray’s Liminal Thinking. It’s impossible to change our governing beliefs if we don’t recognize what they are, and how reflexively we defend even the toxic ones.

Dave Gray, Liminal Thinking

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“Most boundaries are convenient fictions. What divides the people who are “on” a team from those who are not? What separates one company department or division from another, or an employee from a customer? Boundaries give life structure, which makes us comfortable. But they can also be shifted, rethought, reframed, and reorganized.” Excerpt From: Gray, … Read More

It’s Worse Than I Realized

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Last week I reported that Evernote had removed its key competitive feature from free users. What I didn’t recognize at the time were the market conditions forcing Evernote to raises prices. The combined “valuation” of total US unicorns is $486 billion. Their combined profit? $0. Unicorns Dropping Like Flies: First Dropbox; Then Square; Now Fidelity … Read More

Are Pay-to-Play Voiceover Sites a Ripoff?

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Imagine trying to get a job at Dave & Buster’s and being told you have to pay a $500 application fee. And if you’re lucky enough to get the job, management will keep an undisclosed portion of gratuities paid by customers. That’s the life of an online voiceover artist.